Sunday, March 27, 2011

This Is Where My Heart Is... Kampung Life !

I love Kampung (Village) life. My goal for this blog
was to tell my own children and others how much better it was in the old days.

Today's post is an essentially random collection of  my own personal pictures  V(^_^)

A Quiet Lake

I recommend this quiet lake to anyone looking for a place to relax after or inbetween visiting the bustling and tourist covered Island in Langkawi. I really enjoyed fishing at this magnificent lake with spectacular views in between Langkawi main town,Kuah and my home.

Small Fish In Big Pond

It was getting late in the day and this is Erika first catch but she released back into the wild lake for survival, of course.

Green Mushroom

It was not possible to miss this mushroom while walking in the park near the lake. Its rich green colour and round form are as attractive at least as much as the poisonous of the mushroom. BE CAREFUL…. in regards to picking mushrooms…WHEN IN DOUBT, JUST  THROW IT OUT.

Catch Of The Day

And finished the day with a few Catfish!

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