Saturday, June 25, 2011

Langkawi Fields Photography - It's A Bug Life.

I awoke one morning to find insects covering much of my garden. As one who believes that when life gives you lemons you should do lemonade, I was quick to grab my gear and shoot these beautiful creatures. I do get some outstanding photo that make me laugh, smile and sometimes even sad !

Let Nature Take It's Course.

I found myself experiencing a level of enthusiasm that seemed to have no limits. I was standing for about 20 minutes to get this image. 

Macro Dragonfly.

Dragonflies have exceptionally good eyesight  but have very small and poorly developed antennae though..

Juvenile Praying Mantis.

I spent several hours in my garden last week photographing many insects who live here including this little cute creatures.

Wonderful Bugs.

I took the time and effort to " work the subject " and I'm happy with the results.

Black Witch ?

I began firing rapidly to captured these "witch"! Not bad,huh?

Camouflage Patterns.

Can you see me ?

To Bee & Not To Bee

I took this photo at Yatsugatake mountain in Yamanashi, Japan.

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