Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Battle Of Uji.

"For years Uji was considered a strategic site for land and water transportation, and many battles were fought here. An especially famous battle took place in 1184 between Kiso Yoshinaka and Minamotono Yoshitsune, who had orders from the Imperial court to execute Yoshinaka. To determine which of Yoshitsune's vanguards would spearhead the attack against Yoshinaka, his two leading commanders competed againts one anothers.

Kajiwara Kagesue on the renowned steed Surusumi was pitted against Sasaki Takatsuna on the steed Ikezuki. Takatsuna's strategy proved superior, so the remainder of Yoshitsune's troops followed him across the Uji river's (Ujigawa) swift currents and crushed their rivals.........."

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