Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tsuzaki Muraoka No Tsubone in Kameyama Koen, Kyoto.

This bronze statue is of Tsuzaki Muraoka no Tsubone, a court lady in waiting and a member of the imperial loyalists toward the end of th shogunate era.The status was designed in 1928 by Sakatani Ryonosin and the model for casting was crafted by Nakamuta Sanjiro.

Tsubone was on friendly terms with the priest of Gessho, Ugai Kichizaemon of Mito and others, functioning as a contact among loyalists and between loyalists and court nobles.She was particularly supportive in activity by Saigo Takamori (The last samurai) and others.

Tsubone was exiled during the Ansei Purge and retired to Jikishi-an Temple in north Saga, where she educated local children.Although Muraoka-no Tsubone is regarded as heroine of Meiji Restoration in her later years, she was also an amiable mother to the people of Saga.

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