Sunday, September 4, 2011

Into A Secretive World Of Geisha.

I just finished reading the true story - Geisha Of Gion within few hours and I was super obsessed with Geisha while reading the book. A story about Mineko encounters Madam Oima, the formidable proprietress of a prolific geisha house in Gion.
Madam Oima is mesmerized by the child's black hair and black eyes and she felt she has found her successor. And so Mineko is gently prised away from her parents to embark on an extraordinary profession of which she will become the best. This book also tells of Mineko's ascendancy to fame and her ultimate decision to leave the profession she found so constricting.

Geisha of Gion written by Mineko Iwasaki & Rande Brown.
Captivating, poignant and a fascinating insight into a secretive world of geisha.

 The book also reminds me of the time when I was in Gion, Japan during last winter. 
While walking along Gion street, be mindful of incoming vehicles as the narrow street allows vehicles to squeeze through.

Hanami-koji is a street lined with beautiful old wooden buildings, tea houses and restaurants.
This is the heart of the Gion found in the tourist books.

Geisha lifestyle should be received with nothing but respect !
Having seen them on my last venture to Japan, I was keen to return next spring and see them again in Gion.

Gion is the main entertainment district in Kyoto.It had developed as a shrine town of Yasaka Shrine since the 17th century.

Map Of Gion

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