Friday, September 9, 2011

Exploring Bokeh: The Place Beyond the Pines

Did anyone ever tell you that you need a f/1.4 lens to get great bokeh ? Crap !!
 Below shot taken during my off day tour at Tanjung Rhu ( Cape Of Pines ) at an aperture of f/8 at a focal length of 50mm and still it’s plenty creamy! The word “bokeh” comes from the Japanese word “boke” (pronounced bo-keh) which literally means fuzziness or dizziness
 Bokeh is all about the relationship between the distance you are from something the focal length of your lens and the aperture of the lens, it’s that trinity of circumstances that leads to nice background blur. 

Nikon D3000 + 50mm f/1.8G — 1/800 sec, f/8, ISO 200

Another simple way to create a beautiful bokeh effect is to deliberately blur the background to result in a qualitative representation of out-of-focus area. This shot is the one out of all of them that I think is my favorite shot from the day :)

 Nikon D3000 + 50mm f/1.8G — 1/800 sec, f/8, ISO 200

Here is another post at Tanjung Rhu (moments of inspiration) while listening to Miniature Garden song by Kaori Kawamura (RIP dear) through my iphone. 

Nikon D3000+ 50mm f/1.8G — 1/1000 sec, f/20, ISO 200

Well, thats it for now, I am going to try to post regularly but that will all be played by ear. 


And suddenly, I was thinking about the late Kaori Kawamura :(
Naomi told me that Kaori had passed away from the disease (Breast cancer) in Tokyo in 2009, aged 38.

Google Image

Kaori Kawamura (January 23, 1971 – July 28, 2009). 
The real "Teru Teru Bozu" in the blockbuster drama  "With Love".


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  1. Wow, nice bokeh! I'm am still chasing the ever elusive bokeh shot with my Nikon D3000. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Jimbon San.Nikon D3000 is one of the best camera although it is cheaper than the D700 or D300.Btw-I'm learning the bokeh only through Youtube.Heh!


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