Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dirty Beaches - Money Cannot Buy Common Sense !

What happended to Langkawi Island ? The beaches has been completely transformed into dirty beaches and in terrible conditions during our last visit. There is litter and glass on the sand, plastic bags in the sea and no one dares to go in as they don't know what they will find!
Although Teluk Yu (Bay Of Sharks) is a beautiful and nice place, it could be even better if it was cleaner.

It's a catastrophe!

These photo was taken when we visited Teluk Yu, Langkawi (Bay Of Sharks) public beach on last week during Hari Raya holiday.Being a national public holiday, the beach was overcrowded with holidaymakers from all over the country resulting garbage is overflowing and there are even barbecue grills scattered all over the beach as well. I am very horrified to see what has taken place and in addition, wooden beach shelters,tiles and toilet were broken and filthy. A stupid mentality by the visitors and another evidence that money cannot buy common sense !!

Bay Of Sharks ( Teluk Yu) Monument.

Government spends quite a lot of money on beautification of the place and yet nobody really appreciated. You can't blame the Government for visitors throwing their rubbish everywhere in a society where no one cares about rubbish !!

I'm not an environmentalist but I'm an Earth warrior !

We have done our damage, we now have the power to undo and together, join hands and clean our beach for future generations. There is no more important issue we must focus on as humans! We must take action by now !

We want our beach to be beautiful and spotless!

We will definitely return here as we love the scenic view of  Thailand from Teluk Yu.

P/s : Special thanks to YB Dato Ir Nawawi Ahmad, Member Of Parliment Kuah, Langkawi who had been in communicating with me and local council to solve the above issue.


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