Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Teradaya Inn,Kyoto.

Not just an old-style Japanese hotel, Teradaya Inn is where Sakamoto Ryoma was ambushed and killed at the age of 33 on the 10th of December,1867.It is believed that Ryoma was attacked by Shinsengumi but it’s still not clear who actually killed him.

To be continue....

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  1. AirAsia dah terbang masuk sekarang..ambillah peluang. :)

  2. sy masih belajar.kumpul duit byk2..hehehe

  3. ur wife so kawaii
    ur doter sorang muka melayujin sorang lagi nihonjin....

  4. Puan..Terima Kasih. Ada orang kata muka orang Okinawa :)


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