Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kyoto's Winter Journal.

There is nothing quite like the beautiful sight of Kyoto's temples & shrines under a heavy blanket snow during winter. From my experience, visiting and living in Kyoto has been a wonderful journey to me. The town is not too big compared to Osaka or Tokyo, and it’s a nice place to live. By the way, I am planning to fly back to Japan maybe at the end of this year or  next February to learn skiing and snowboarding at Biwako Valley in Shiga. I was told that there was awesome snow powder there and many snowboarders in Kansai region recommended this place.

Kyoto's winter. However, Kyoto is not that cold in winter and the temperature usually around 3-5C during winter so you don't feel that it is 100% winter. I have always wanted to visit Kyoto in snowy weather, but so far no luck. However, heavy snow continued to hit Kyoto during February 2011 ! 
( Photo courtesy of Sachiko Ozawa - My sister in law who currently live in Kyoto, Japan ) .

It was only a mild winter when i was there in December 2009. Winter always leaves pretty amazing pictures and images in our memories through time. And sometimes, there's nothing more relaxing that a nice winter scenery. In Japan, those are specially beautiful, surrounded by nature and with all sorts of magic and mistery in them.
( Photo was shot at Kiyomizudera Shrine in Kyoto )

There’s no better taste of Japanese culture and history to be found then the near-limitless supply of ancient must-sees on offer in Kyoto. I appreciate the beauty of this shrine and it helped me allow into my life and I hope you enjoy these pictures of Kyoto's scenery too!
To miss it off a Japanese itinerary would be utter insanity.
( Photo was shot at Kiyomizudera Shrine in Kyoto )

Kutsuki Snowboard & Ski Playground is just 30km from our home in Kyoto,Japan! For those who've been here, the artificial snow and snowboard destruction of the slope &  "pipe to pipe" is amazing.

And talking about snowboarding-Maybe I can learn something from Isenseven !
(or probably not !!) 

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