Saturday, May 7, 2011

Epitome Of Home Cooking - Fried Rice.

My posting today is about another fusion recipe for fried rice and it's a yummy one !  To be honest, I like my own fried rice recipe a lot and I have been making my own fried rice for about 10-12 years but recently my rice hasn’t been coming out right and I’m not sure what I changed to make it come out different or maybe it is just me.

Today, I was reminded that I had promised Nana & Erika yesterday that breakfast will be another fried rice, again!  While I realised both of them got addicted with Japanese fried rice of which my wife always cooked & bought the ingredients from Japan, I had improvised my own version of fried rice by throwing everything into the pan !
And the kids love it !

Stir fried rice with egg, boneless chickens, shrimps or squids and some vege.
Now, who doesn’t like fried rice ?

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