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Welcome To The Jungle ! ( Langkawi Series )

 Help me spread the word - Save the Rainforest & Save the world ! Please save our world’s rainforests and their incredible beauty ! I have been writing to all the readers and asking people on what actions have been taken to stop the destructions and to regenerate the world’s rainforests particularly the Asia regions ! We want answers from all the people especially the leaders and to take immediate action ! This is where we need their help.  Help us to protect the extraordinary number of unique creatures found nowhere else in the world. 

Flying Squirrel  (Cynocephalus volans, C. variegatus)

Save the Rainforest - Keep "it's a small world" for the flying lemur ( or flying squirrel ). This photo was taken at Berjaya Langkawi Resort "sanctuary" in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Facts about Flying Lemur :

Family                   : Cynocephalidae.
Status                    : Vulnerable.
Size                        : Length 13 to 17 in., Tail 7 to 11 in., Weight 2 to 4 lbs.
Diet                        : Herbivore.
Characteristics  : Solitary, nocturnal.
Area                       : Asia.
Offspring              : One.


·       The flying lemur is also known as a colugo, cobego or kagwag.
·       The longest glide for a flying lemur was recorded at 136 metres (450 ft.).
·       Almost 90% of the Philippine Eagle’s diet consists of flying lemur.
·       Although its teeth resemble those of carnivores, the flying lemur's diet consists of fruit  and leaves.

Giant Black Squirrel (Ratufa bicolor)

The black giant squirrel or Malayan giant squirrel (Ratufa bicolor) is a large tree squirrel . Head and body length varies from 35 to 58 cm (13.8 to 22.8 ) in length, and the tail is up to 60 centimetres (23.6 in) long, with an overall length of up to 118 centimetres (46.5 in). The back, ears and bushy tail are deep brown to black with a lighter buff-colored belly. I captured this images in Berjaya Langkawi Resort on 12th May 2011.

Monkey Business

While a monkey is not biologically prone to attack- Please don't provoke & feed them. There is a possibilities that your actions gone awry and will lead to stitches or a potentially fatal case.

Exotic Bird 

  I think this is the first hornbill I have ever captured using my Sigma 70-300mm lense. The bird look very impressive and the shot is technicaly need further trainning. Sigh!


 And I saw quite a few Kingfishers in Berjaya Langkawi Resort not long after I took this one (at Ulu Melaka). The birds are really beautiful ! (Again, I did not get any good shot and maybe I had better luck next time)

Ooouuuuucccccchhhh !

There were many small fruits on each tree in the rainforest and they all fell off for some reason.Like this one-these fruit fell and hit on my head and I got a big bump for two days...Ooooouch !!!

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