Thursday, March 31, 2011

Langkawi - Enjoying the Day

 I'm posting a few pics of langkawi wild flowers,the bee and the endless beauty of Tanjung Rhu.

Today's post is an essentially random collection of  my own personal pictures  V(^_^)


 At the moment, you do start to see some yellow up close, though when they bloom it'll be all white...

The possibilities are endless...

Langkawi is hot and humid today, so I'd like to try to cool off by returning to the quintessential pleasantness of Langkawi's summer. This image was taken at Tanjung Rhu,Langkawi.Close up.Simply grab my camera and macro lens,or anything in the 40-60mm range,and extension tube-and start crawling around on the floor or beach.

To bee or not to bee

Nikkor 35-80mm.Despite the negatives about this lens (plastic lens mount, slow minimum apertures, questionable build quality) it was surprisingly good for snapshots around the house or on the street.

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