Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rich Green & Pure Streams of Adogawa River,Shiga Japan.

I am back again to Shiga for a visit to Adogawa River !
The mountain village started changing from cherry blossoms to fresh green season when I was there. The main stream of Adogawa River is light, open stream and shallow.This river is mostly fishing area of Ayu (Sweet fish). 

Kutsuki - Green Park "Omoide No Mori Suguinoko"
Shiga Prefecture has a wide range of sporting and leisure activities to offer, from rugby,football and skiing. 

My Best Streams
 I would still like to thank that I had good time in the beautiful streams and nature.

Rich Green & Pure Streams of Adogawa
The Adogawa River bends to the east at Ichiba village and flows into Lake Biwa.

Local Method
Ayu's fishing at Adogawa River.

Little Mermaids
Nana & Erika enjoying the cold stream of Adogawa River.

A Family Photograph. 
The stream that flows near some villages here is a shallow flow  and it is possible a heaven for trout fishing as well.

Lunch of The Day.
A delicous bento set ! 

Going Home
It will take about an hour journey from my house in Kyoto to reach here by car.

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  1. nice foto bro hope your family enjoy the trip

  2. Jeragang / Abe Goreng : Terima Kasih daun Keladi :)

  3. of my drean place is japan..^^

  4. BeeWhiteRoses..Insyallah, kalau ada rezeki sampailah awak nanti kesana. :)


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