Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Colourful World Of Osaka, Japan.

What in the world was that ? I must have been crazier back then! The ride at Universal Japan delivers on it’s promise of a thrilling ride. I have never experienced anything like it in the 33 years of life I have.I could not tell if it was piss or sweat all over my jeans.My head was numb,I could not feel my face,my blood drained to the bottom of my feet, and I still cant go to the bathroom.Remember my yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaa all the way down? I ended up with an aaaaaaaaaaaaaash@!$#%^&*@@fuc###lk$... all the way down.But I enjoyed it to the fullest.

Ultraman was one of the earliest Japanese live-action TV shows featuring a human-sized hero who could transform into a giant-sized hero to take on an endless parade of  monsters

My first shot of the skyline in Osaka - The beautiful giant crab of Dotonbori !

Giant Squid At The Sidewalk - Dotonbori. 

Jaw Dropping  - Another freaking creature at Universal Studio Osaka-JAWS.
Jaws is a theme park attraction based upon the films of the same name.

Colourful Girl - an entertainer at Universal Studio, Japan

Ghost Whisperer - Even Universal Studio studios themselves have tales of ghost .

Universal Studios Japan-The Ride & Magical Starlight Parade. Illuminating Parade born in the park at night! The rain had just stopped and the outdoors looked like the perfect place to be. What a breathtaking show !

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