Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Haunted Lighthouse - Are They Real ?

What Could Lurk In This Lighthouse ?
This photo was taken on April 5th , 2011 in Burau Bay, Langkawi Malaysia using a Nikon camera with 18-55mm plus FLW magenta filter.

The tower of the lighthouse is said to be haunted and a place where a spirit of the past may walk but no one really knows who the ghost might be. Many believe that it could be the spirit of the fisherman who died along the coast. Now some anglers report hearing the laughter of women in the lighthouse tower, and some people have spoken of seeing ghostly apparition near the top section of the lighthouse.There are certainly many otherworldly mysteries at these lighthouse.

Did these people mistaken about a non-haunted lighthouse for a haunted one ? At least now you got a reasons and special haunting path that can get you there and bring back some gruesome tales to tell.

 The lighthouse is just steps away from the sandy beaches along this stretch of Burau Bay.

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