Monday, April 18, 2011

Too Fast Too Furious - Japanese Style !

Enter the world of drift racing Japanese style ! I took this pix on my recent trip to Japan of which remind me of The Fast and The Furious movie franchise !  I’m sure at this point you all have seen the movie and were impressed by the many cars you saw in there... By the way, I have not seen anything like this in Langkawi !!

Mazda with some nice alloy wheels and a very striking Manga anime sticker .

I think after this car comes out from the house , the cops and JPJ are going to crack down on the driver ! Let's be honest - Japanese love to show off their own personal style and this Mazda is super amazing ! 

Sexy Back !

Mazda - their high grade manufacturing material plus ultra aggressive style in body kits make them the top-notch car.  


Suwako (Lake Suwa) is the largest lake in Nagano prefecture but it also features one of the world's largest geysers. It is also a region whose hot spring waters are so abundant that their use goes far beyond being used in onsen resorts. Apart from Langkawi Island - I love this place too .

The Black Castle @ Matsumoto Castle in Nagano Japan

Will be back there again next year for sure.

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  1. wow. bestnye dapat gi Jepun. Teringin kot...

  2. Kena plan betul betul..Belanja pun dah boleh beli kereta Mazda tu kat Malaysia :D

  3. perghhh~ nak ikotttt!! wah2~ sedihhhhhhhhhh..T.T

  4. cantikkk!! wah, dah pergi jepun k? teringin sgt nk pi men salji kat sne..sume ni pengaruh winter sonata la, ehehe

  5. Selalu balik sana ! Umah kat Kyoto !


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