Monday, April 11, 2011

Langkawi Mullet - Another Special Dish !

There are more than 10 recognized species of mullet being caught all over the world. You can either salted, dried, and compressed to make a specialty food such as Japanese Karasumi and  Sashimi or Italian Botargo. Mullet or Bora in Japanese will reach length of over 80 cm although the average length will more around 60 cm.

Don't you just love it ?

I caught this Mullet in Fukui (Wakasa bay), Japan with my father- in- law. Some prefecture in Japan called this fish as Isegoi, Itanebora, Mabora or Haku.

Japanese special technic.

Look at the apollo rig with the small basket attached !

Langkawi mullet or "Loban" !

Versatile fish but a bit small in size.

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