Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Durian Life ! ドリアン

The legendary king of the fruits - Durian ! Despite its reputation as the "King of Fruits" in Malaysia and Thailand - this fruit has remained virtually unknown in Western society, thanks to its odor and thorny spikes. Durian in its raw fruit form is very bad smelling and in fact, it is banned in most of the hotels in Southeast Asia.For me, durian is addictive and it's like any other drug. The first time is a trial and then you can't get enough !


A kilo (kg) of RM10.00 (USD 3.30 / 250 Japanese Yen) at Langkawi night market.

A friend told me that in Hong Kong it's illegal to carry an opened durian in a taxi ?

Funky smelling fruit ! Put me in the box with durians and i will stay there forever.

To be honest,  I know durian it's not that bad, a lot of people just a mere over-reaction.

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  1. isi kuning tu mmg terbaek !hehe .

  2. wallaweh.. just had few today :) org kata tu mantonggg tp skg tgh panas pulak badan hikhik

    Recently: telur tiruan buatan China

  3. Makan tumpang boleh makan.Nanti habis musim takut kempunan pula :D

  4. mintak sikit leh????


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