Monday, June 27, 2011

The Langkawi Wildlife Park - Part 2 !

There's so much photography opportunity in Langkawi's Wildlife Park ! It's always my goal to capture a clean and simple yet colourful photo.My determination paid off ( Amateur standard !) and I can trully say that I have yet to fully explore the vast image-making potential of the telephoto lens. 
Here's a few of my favourite shots without any ruthless editing ! 

Cute Bunny
I love all kinds of animals but I have a special passion for rabbits.

Feeding Frenzy
Fact not myth - Rabbits overfed have more health problems and a shorter lifespan.

A Prey Animal
Those rabbits that adapt to our world become much more trusting and allow us to hold and handle them, but their instinctive nature will not change.

My Turn...
Another fact - Rabbits use body language much more than verbal language

The Pigeon Has Landed
Teach our children to handle rabbits quietly. This will help the rabbits be much more accepting ( and the pigeon too)

Fun Time With Erika & Nana
Rabbits are herbivores with a high reproduction rate. They have long ears, powerful hind legs with long feet and a short, furry and upturned tail.

Rabbits can be quite playful and entertaining, and seeing them race around the park, do binkies and get excited for treats can bring a lot of joy. 

Family Pet
If you decide that a rabbit will make a great addition to your family, the next step is to choose the right rabbit.

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