Thursday, June 9, 2011

Telaga Tujuh - The Seven Wells

The Seven Wells or Telaga Tujuh are a series of seven pools that break the fall of the waters from the peak of Gunung Mat Chinchang. The legend that surrounds the place speaks of fairies who delight in bathing in the cool waters, which many people claim to possess soothing healing properties. A mountain prince who once lived near the wells tried in vain to capture one of these fairy maidens, but until today, they have remained elusive.

Seven Wells Waterfall. The Seven Wells Waterfall is locally known as "Telaga Tujuh" and is indeed a geological marvel.

These plants have a beautiful lush jungle appearance and are great for covering a fence.

 Money plant creeper ?

You find a route that leads to the waterfalls midway of your trip. Don't miss to watch the magnificient waterfalls. Superb!!

The Seven Wells or Telaga Tujuh - a series of seven large tells of fairies who delight in bathing in the cool waters which are supposed to possess soothing healing properties.

Its the last week of school holiday.Our main agenda for today is to ride the cable car and climb the Seven Wells.

Please comply with all safety warnings and danger signs. The view is beautiful but do not go over the safety rope!

Be fit or take it easy climbing up and please beware of the monkeys !

Seven wells was really a peaceful early in the morning. If you can take the hike and the heat at that hour, well worth it....!!!


  1. cantik gambar-gambar ni :) love it!

  2. Hi Hasnul,
    You are a Great photographer. These photos of nature are just too wonderful.

    Keep up the Great work!!

  3. Dear Gerek Itu Alia & Mystique Earth..Thanks for the compliments....:D


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