Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gunung Raya in Northern Langkawi.

Rising to a height of almost 900 meters - Gunung Raya is the tallest mountain in Langkawi. The mountain is believed to be the cursed form of a giant known as Mat Raya, who once lived on the island ! He eventually became involved in a furious argument and suddenly a bolt of lightning struck down from the heavens and as he looked up he turned to stone.
We drove up with the windows down looking and listening for wildlife. Its a beautiful drive, the temperature is slightly cooler and the views at the top are spectacular, when it is not enveloped in clouds.

You can see practically the whole island from up there.

Creepy Roads
A massive landslide has shut down a portion of the road.

Someone Is Watching You
Does anyone else ever get that ?

Creepy Plant
Young fern leaf. Looks kinda creepy doesn't it ?

Simply Awesome
Water drops caught inside the spider-web look like a diamonds.

Fern leaf isolated from the dark background. 

 Bizarre Insect
The firefly

Blood Sucking Leech
A leech attaches itself when it bites, and it will stay attached until it has had its fill of blood.

Close Up Butterfly

Young Explorers

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  1. wahh . . . suka suka ~ . .
    belakang rumaha saya ja :)

  2. wah..
    gambar last skali tu anak2 bro ke?
    ada muka orang Okinawa la..

    insyaAllah plan nk p melawat Langkawi cuti raya tahun nih.. ada la member Jpon nak ikut skali pusing2 Malaysia.. Nice post pasal Gunung paling tinggi di Langkawi nih..

    Kyoto memang tempat yang menarik..
    saya kini menginap di Shiga; bersebelahan dengan Kyoto.. kerap juga g Kyoto.. ;)

  3. Kyo-9, Masih kat Shiga kah? Datanglah melawat saya di Berjaya Resort Langkawi.Fuyoo..alang alang dah menyarong Yoroi dan Kobuto tu,jomlah kita pergi berperang di Sekigahara ! Tolong kirim salam kat pakcik makcik yang dok memancing ikan "ayu" kat sungai Adogawa tu..rindu sangat!


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