Thursday, June 30, 2011

In Search Of The Man Eating Python ( Sort Of ).

Is it dangerous to let your children play with giant snake especially with the creatures have had a tainted reputation of being a man-eater ? Well, It is reccomended never to let the child play with the snake without your supervision, espically without the adult holding and prompting the child in the first place.

As for me, as long as it is done in a proper enviornment which was condusive to safety for both the child and the snake, I see no reason why this is a problem for some people.

So I took this picture of my daughter, Erika holding the 2 meter python and had her hand wrapped around it. Thank god, pythons are nonvenomous snakes but vary in size.The largest is the reticulated python, which can grow to 33 feet in length !

The actual scene at Kinabatangan River,Sabah Malaysia.

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  1. arent these girls a bit scared......i m scared just by looking at it thanks for posting it at get my blog followers ...the reader would like it

  2. eeeee gelinya dgn ular sawa .... sorry eik kita ni geli dgn binatang mcm niii hihihi ....

  3. pergh! lama dah rasa nak pegang ular.. huhu..
    btw, jemput la ke blog.. :)


  5. I always get confused between nana & erica T__T

    btw, she got the guts to hold the python..kalau saya la..


    i can't even imagine >.<


  6. wow..
    can't imagine doing that at that age..
    your kids really brave!

  7. Kyo-9.Semuanye berani ikut keturunan tok wan depa - Takeda Shingen :)


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