Saturday, June 25, 2011

Langkawi Fields Photography - It's A Bug Life.

I awoke one morning to find insects covering much of my garden. As one who believes that when life gives you lemons you should do lemonade, I was quick to grab my gear and shoot these beautiful creatures. I do get some outstanding photo that make me laugh, smile and sometimes even sad !

Let Nature Take It's Course.

I found myself experiencing a level of enthusiasm that seemed to have no limits. I was standing for about 20 minutes to get this image. 

Macro Dragonfly.

Dragonflies have exceptionally good eyesight  but have very small and poorly developed antennae though..

Juvenile Praying Mantis.

I spent several hours in my garden last week photographing many insects who live here including this little cute creatures.

Wonderful Bugs.

I took the time and effort to " work the subject " and I'm happy with the results.

Black Witch ?

I began firing rapidly to captured these "witch"! Not bad,huh?

Camouflage Patterns.

Can you see me ?

To Bee & Not To Bee

I took this photo at Yatsugatake mountain in Yamanashi, Japan.

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  1. hi! wow, that was strange insects JAJAJA
    would you let me your comment? thanks!

  2. OMG CAntik nyaaa!! nice~~ good job

  3. NI - Terima Kasih.Nanti saya akan post lagi gambar gambar terbaru.

  4. waaahh..nice shot la bro... meh la follow sni.. bole bg sy tips bru nak berjinak2 tgkap gmbr neh

  5. Ayu..Dah lawati blog anda.Gambar gambar you pun cantik giler...Bumilangkawi? Cantik! dah ada gang :D

  6. chantek nye pic tu . .
    sumpah chantek sangat

  7. Siti Salwa.Terima Kasih..saya masih belajar untuk jadi ynag terbaik :D

  8. nice...tapi gerun plak tngk dekat2 cmtu...

  9. Ayumi-Kelebihan macro photography adalah,kita boleh lihat benda yang kadang kadang agak sukar dilihat melalui mata kasar.


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