Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yowayowa Camera ?

Meet Natsumi Hayashi - "owner" of the Yowayowa camera woman diary. She lives in Tokyo with her two cats and most of her photographs mainly levitating self-portraits and about her cats (but her cats not levitating). Armed with her Canon 5D MK II and Canon EF50mm F1.2L Lense, she makes levitating appear as if it happens normally and her photo skills plus her creativity was really "out of this world" !  My posting today is dedicated to this talented young woman.

You may visit her at to view more stunning levitating photos.

All photo belong to Natsumi Hayashi @


  1. Fina - Last week Natsumi cakap yang dia kadang kadang kena lompat sampai 200 - 300 kali untuk dapat shot macam tu.Will see her at the end of this year bila balik Tokyo nanti :D

  2. Iedaurora- cuba visit Natsumi di link tertera.

  3. ehhhh kreatiffnyer la pic nehhh.. suke melompat ye dia ni

  4. awesome pics....nice photography....following you through get your blog followers....follow me bacl


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